Book: Dag Nordbrenden, Rub With Ashes

Dag Nordbrenden, Presentation of the book, Rub With Ashes, 2012 Dag Nordbrenden is a Norwegian artist working with photography. His work explores different concepts and genres of the medium. His book Rub with Ashes is a compilation of photographs of recent years, and reflects Nordbrenden’s nomadic lifestyle. The photographs are rooted in a documentary tradition, and… Continue reading Book: Dag Nordbrenden, Rub With Ashes

Lutz Becker, Cinema Notes, 1975

Lutz Becker, Installation view, Cinema Notes, 1975. 16mm Black and White, 45 mins For many years lost and recently found, Kino Beleške was produced in 1975 in collaboration with the group of artists, curators and critics gathered around the Student Cultural Centre, Belgrade. The film includes verbal statements and performative gestures of the numerous protagonists of the… Continue reading Lutz Becker, Cinema Notes, 1975

Photography: Ahmed Kamel

Ahmed Kamel, From the Series, Dreamy Day, 2004 – 2008 Ahmed Kamel is interested in domestic and urban life. He uses photography, video and drawing to address social issues. He was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1981, where he studied painting and received his BFA in 2003. Kamel is the recipient of a number of… Continue reading Photography: Ahmed Kamel

Artist: Wael Shawky

Wael Shawky’s work explores transitional events in society, politics, culture and religion in the Arab World. The films, installations, and performative works of the Egyptian artist explore the ways in which social and political systems have been restructured in Arab countries over the past several decades. Through restaging historical events with children and marionettes, Shawky turns… Continue reading Artist: Wael Shawky

Art: Chadwick Rantanen, Telescopic Poles

Chadwick Rantanen, Telescopic Poles, 2012 Gestures related to the body and the exhibition space feature prominently in the work of Los Angeles-based artist Chadwick Rantanen who creates among others anodized telescopic sculptures with tennis balls affixed to the bottom which are held up by their own internal pressure. Disseminated throughout a gallery space, and stretched from the floor to the ceiling,… Continue reading Art: Chadwick Rantanen, Telescopic Poles

Iman Issa

Iman Issa, Material for a sculpture representing a monument erected in the spirit of defiance of a larger power, 2010 and Making Places (c-print), Series of ten c-prints, 2007 Iman Issa, born 1979, Cairo, is an artist based in Cairo and New York. The cryptic work of Iman Issa rarely denotes its subject matter nor reveals the artist’s creative… Continue reading Iman Issa

Painting: Mathew Cerletty

Mathew Cerletty, The Economist, 2007, oil on linen, Yoplait, 2007, colored pencil and gouache on paper and Epson, 2009 graphite on paper Since the early 2000s, Mathew Cerletty has been earnestly stretching the possibilities of figurative painting while cleverly subverting much of what we have come to expect from both realism and hyperrealism. Transitioning from… Continue reading Painting: Mathew Cerletty

Photography: Mårten Lange

Mårten Lange, From the Book, Another Language, 2012 “A physical delineation of nature terminates at the point where the sphere of intellect begins, and a new world of mind is opened to our view. It marks the limit, but does not pass it.” Alexander von Humboldt (1845) The aesthetics of science, nature and the materiality… Continue reading Photography: Mårten Lange

Sculpture: Nina Beier

Nina Beier, Shelving for Unlocked Matter and Open Problems, Detail, 2010 Of any artist working today, 35-year-old hyper-mixed-media artist Nina Beier is creating some of the boldest examples of the contemporary artwork in crisis mode. This has a lot to do with the unstable, in flux, usually-referencing-something-absent, often-crushed-or-pieced-together, and likely-to-change nature of her sculptural explorations. Take… Continue reading Sculpture: Nina Beier

Magazine: Mono.Kultur #31. Michaël Borremans: Shades of Doubt.

Michaël Borremans, Shades of Doubt, It is not something of beauty underneath, 2012 When Belgian artist Michaël Borremans first presented his paintings to the world at the tender age of 37, he immediately caused a stir in the art scene. His realistic yet mysterious figurative images subtly draw one to the centre of a question… Continue reading Magazine: Mono.Kultur #31. Michaël Borremans: Shades of Doubt.