Ivar Kvaal, Dvale

Ivar Kvaal, Dvale, 2016 The series contained within Dvale (hibernation in Norwegian) was created during the lead-up to the opening of the Norwegian hospital Ahus in 2008. Ivar Kvaal has captured the building in a slumbering state, in the weeks and months before it was brought to life. The images in the book encompass a… Continue reading Ivar Kvaal, Dvale

Carola Dertnig, Performance Art and Documentation

Carola Dertnig, Sans titres, 2009 – 2015 Carola Dertnig is an Artist who is interested in upturning and overwriting aspects of performance art history through strategies of feminist historical revisionism, including imaginative reconceptualization and performative interventions with existing documentation. Carola Dertnig’s drawings, video works and installations are concerned with the performative content of language—text, images,… Continue reading Carola Dertnig, Performance Art and Documentation