Ida Ekblad, Diary of a Madam, Exhibition Kunsthaus Hamburg

Ida Ekblad, Installation view, Diary of a Madam, Kunsthaus Hamburg, 7 Februar – 26. March 2017 The Kunsthaus Hamburg is hosting Ida Ekblad’s first institutional solo-exhibition in Germany. The artist is showing large-format paintings created for the exhibition. New sculptures will be presented in the context of a performance by the singer Nils Bech at the opening reception.… Continue reading Ida Ekblad, Diary of a Madam, Exhibition Kunsthaus Hamburg

Ivar Kvaal, Dvale

Ivar Kvaal, Dvale, 2016 The series contained within Dvale (hibernation in Norwegian) was created during the lead-up to the opening of the Norwegian hospital Ahus in 2008. Ivar Kvaal has captured the building in a slumbering state, in the weeks and months before it was brought to life. The images in the book encompass a… Continue reading Ivar Kvaal, Dvale

Artist: Yngve Holen

Yngve Holen, Extended Operations, 2013, Sensitive to Detergent, Tired, 2011 and Hater Headlight, 2015 Emerging from the 3D-printed rubble of Berlin’s “post-Internet” art scene, the Norwegian artist Yngve Holen is a cold empiricist and a slapstick comedian. With sculptural test-subjects ranging from minor appliances (tea kettles and washing machines) to high-industrial behemoths (commercial airliners and… Continue reading Artist: Yngve Holen

Artist: Ida Ekblad

Ida Ekblad, Untitled 2012,  Untitled, 2011 and Installation View, Untitled, 2011 Norwegian artist Ida Ekblad just finished her solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Oslo this week. In the official press release her work  is referred to as being “frequently process oriented and her artistic practice is often described as spontaneous and chance-based.  Items seemingly… Continue reading Artist: Ida Ekblad

Exhibition: Bjarne Melgaard, A House to Die In, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

Bjarne Melgaard, From the Exhibition, A House to Die In, 2012 A House to Die In, 25 September – 18 November, 2012 Institute of Contemporary Arts, London A House to Die In is New York based Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard’s first solo exhibition in the UK. The Lower and Upper Galleries feature two of his collaborative projects, which investigate the dynamics… Continue reading Exhibition: Bjarne Melgaard, A House to Die In, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

Book: Dag Nordbrenden, Rub With Ashes

Dag Nordbrenden, Presentation of the book, Rub With Ashes, 2012 Dag Nordbrenden is a Norwegian artist working with photography. His work explores different concepts and genres of the medium. His book Rub with Ashes is a compilation of photographs of recent years, and reflects Nordbrenden’s nomadic lifestyle. The photographs are rooted in a documentary tradition, and… Continue reading Book: Dag Nordbrenden, Rub With Ashes