Charles Harlan, Sculpture

      Charles Harlan, Stack, 2015, Roll Gates, 2012 and Counter, 2013 Drawing inspiration from Land Art of the 1970s, Harlan avails himself of the most common materials at hand – including such hardware store staples as ladders, shipping palettes, and one-ton metal pipe – in his large industrial works. Huge in scale, Minimalist in form,… Continue reading Charles Harlan, Sculpture

Artist: Isabelle Cornaro, Art Historian Specialised

Isabelle Cornaro, Paysage avec poussin et témoins oculaires (version II), 2009 and The Whole World is Watching, 2012 The work of Isabelle Cornaro evinces an interest in the way our perspectives are historically and culturally determined. Due to her training as an art historian specialised in 16th- and 17th-century Western art, her visual language is… Continue reading Artist: Isabelle Cornaro, Art Historian Specialised

Erika Vogt, Slug, Simone Subal

Erika Vogt, Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll, 2013 and installation view of Slug, 2015 Erika Vogt might alternately be described as a sculptor, printmaker or video artist, but, like so many of her peers, these labels merely point at the edges of something deeper. Born out of the tradition of experimental film, Erika brings to… Continue reading Erika Vogt, Slug, Simone Subal

Artist: Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric, Touch My Body, Green Screen Version, 2008 and The Marble Player, From the series Lincoln 3D Scans, 2013 Oliver Laric uses memes, movable type, copies and collective agency to make art that is only partly ‘his.’ Oliver Laric once showed a 16th-century print by Flemish court artist Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder. The etching… Continue reading Artist: Oliver Laric

Art: Arnar Asgeirsson

Arnar Asgeirsson, Intersection #2, and Intersection, digital print, 50 x 65 cm, 2014 Arnar Ásgeirsson practice involves video works, animations, drawings, installations and sculptures with performative aspects deal with the queston of creative ownership, originality, the relation between high- and low art, reproduction and the differences between creating and copying. Inserting objects as characters into… Continue reading Art: Arnar Asgeirsson

Artist: Ida Ekblad

Ida Ekblad, Untitled 2012,  Untitled, 2011 and Installation View, Untitled, 2011 Norwegian artist Ida Ekblad just finished her solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Oslo this week. In the official press release her work  is referred to as being “frequently process oriented and her artistic practice is often described as spontaneous and chance-based.  Items seemingly… Continue reading Artist: Ida Ekblad

Lynda Benglis

Lydia Benglis, Merak, Sinc and Copper, 1990 and Ghost Dance, Bronze and gold leaf, 1992 Lynda Benglis (born October 25, 1941) is an American sculptor known for her wax paintings and poured latex sculptures. After earning a BFA from Newcomb College in 1964, Benglis moved to New York, where she lives and works today. Benglis’ work is noted for an unusual blend of organic… Continue reading Lynda Benglis

Exhibition: John McCracken, Works from 1963-2011, David Zwirner, New York

McCracken occupies a singular position within the recent history of American art, as his work melds the restrained formal qualities of Minimalist sculpture with a distinctly West Coast sensibility expressed through color, form, and finish. He developed his early sculptural work while studying painting at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland in the late 1950s and early 1960s. While experimenting with increasingly three-dimensional canvases, the artist began to produce objects made with industrial materials, including plywood, sprayed lacquer, and pigmented resin, creating the highly reflective, smooth surfaces that he was to become known for.

Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Installation view: Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective, geometrics, 2013 Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective, June 18 – September 22, 2013 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York The first major museum exhibition of Ken Price’s work in New York, will trace the development of his ceramic sculptures with approximately sixty-five examples from 1959 to 2012. The… Continue reading Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Art: Chadwick Rantanen, Telescopic Poles

Chadwick Rantanen, Telescopic Poles, 2012 Gestures related to the body and the exhibition space feature prominently in the work of Los Angeles-based artist Chadwick Rantanen who creates among others anodized telescopic sculptures with tennis balls affixed to the bottom which are held up by their own internal pressure. Disseminated throughout a gallery space, and stretched from the floor to the ceiling,… Continue reading Art: Chadwick Rantanen, Telescopic Poles

Iman Issa

Iman Issa, Material for a sculpture representing a monument erected in the spirit of defiance of a larger power, 2010 and Making Places (c-print), Series of ten c-prints, 2007 Iman Issa, born 1979, Cairo, is an artist based in Cairo and New York. The cryptic work of Iman Issa rarely denotes its subject matter nor reveals the artist’s creative… Continue reading Iman Issa

Saâdane Afif

Saâdane Afif, Blue Time vs. Suspense, 2007 Saâdane Afif plays with notions of displacement, collusion and contrast. He uses objects, scale models and installations, sounds and writing to mirror in the work of art itself the dialogue arising between the artist and the viewer. This dialogue makes allusions to psychological, historical, social and cultural elements. Thanks… Continue reading Saâdane Afif